Why pre-marriage education?

Love that diamond ring! So sparkly and shiny! How old are you in your imagination when you no longer wear it?

Very old, right? Like never taking it off until you die? Of course!

Nobody stands at the altar thinking they’ll just try marriage for a couple years, and then go their own separate ways again later. The truth is, we all get married because we want to stay with this person forever.

Then why are half of all marriages ending in divorce? People are so happy together, and then a few years later they’re just plain unfriendly to each other. What’s that about?

The couples we know that got some marriage preparation education swear by it. They say they discovered things about each other they didn’t know before. Things that made their relationship better, easier, and more satisfying. They discovered assumptions and pre-conceived ideas they held that they weren’t aware of, that would have caused issues if they came across them later by surprise. They had to think about things they had never even thought about, like how different their attitudes towards being on time might cause arguments later on – just because they didn’t expect that!

When you are pregnant for the first time, are you going to attend ante-natal classes? Of course, because you don’t know how to bring up a small dependent baby. It’s exactly the same for marriage. There are things we need to do to ensure we have a successful marriage, and common things people do again and again that muck things up.

Studies consistently show that couples who get pre-marriage education are staying together, compared with couples who get no pre-marriage education (who are not staying together). It’s really as simple as a bit of prior preparation!

Do you know how a great, everlasting marriage happens? Before my husband and I went to a pre-marriage course and got married, we didn’t either. The wedding planning is exciting, but it needs to include a new checkbox: get the pre-marriage education. And it’s easy to do – simply one day and it’s all done. See www.nomythmarriages.com for more information.


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