A Must Watch – The Single Most Important Thing to a Man

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That’s the reaction I had after I finished watching this amazing new video …

The Single Most Important Thing to a Man‘ (link)be-irresistable

One of the hottest new relationship coaches, James Bauer, created this video to explain to women what the single most important thing is to a man in a relationship …

I’m certain that what it is will really surprise you. Not many women know about this proven, simple fact.

Guys really are more complicated than we women think, yet easier to understand than we make it.

After he reveals this most important thing, James then shows you what you can do to trigger this critical emotion in your guy to draw him closer to you and make him almost addicted to you for the long-term.

What I love most about what James explains is that it’s nothing manipulative or dodgy like many other relationships information online. It’s a basic human need that happens to be MUCH more important to men than to women which is why we women so often overlook this…and accidentally send great guys running.

Click to Watch – ‘The Single Most Important Thing to a Man

P.S. Hope you’re getting some special family time over the Christmas / New Year period. We had a lovely time with various family over three days, and our 1 1/2 year old daughter received a crazy number of gifts!

P.P.S. I already tried out James’s advice on my husband and it really worked! Give it a try with your guy tonight…

Click to Watch – ‘The Single Most Important Thing to a Man

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Don’t forget: it’s all about you two…

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We get so caught up in planning for the big wedding day, we lose track of what the day is all about – getting ready to spend the rest of our lives together. Here are five vital things you should do to prepare yourselves for that lifetime commitment you are about to make.

1. Share your top five values with each other

Do you know what your fiancé’s core values are in life? Does he know yours? Most of us don’t actually know these until we sit down and discuss these questions to help us figure them out. For example, how do you both feel about family, problem solving, justice or creativity? As much as we think we might know our partner, we can never guess what their top five priorities are in life. Remember, assumption is the mother of all relationship muck-ups!

2. Find out each others love language

We each need to know and be constantly reminded we are loved – but not necessarily verbally. Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages describes the different actions that communicate our love for our partner and the fact we need to speak in our partner’s love language to ensure they feel loved. Do the online survey at www.5lovelanguages.com. « Read the rest of this entry »

Engaged couples share what their Ideal Marriage looks like

April 23, 2012 § 2 Comments

Here are the answers to the other question some brides and grooms answered a week ago, at a wedding expo our business No Myth Marriages took part in.

Most found the question “What does an Ideal Marriage Look like?” challenging to answer.

From the boys, “happiness” stood out more strongly than anything else. From the girls, laughter, fun and friendship were the more common themes. The brides were a little more descriptive about what happiness actually meant for them! The all-out favourite answer of the day was from one of the grooms: “Lot’s of sexy time”. « Read the rest of this entry »

Brides and grooms answer the question “what is marriage?”

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Our company No Myth Marriages was at a Bridal Expo during the weekend, and we asked hundreds of brides and grooms to answer one of two questions: “what is marriage”? or “what does an ideal marriage look like”?

The answers are very interesting and cool… though I really hope some of these brides and grooms manage to get to some kind of pre-marriage course 🙂 I thought I would post them up because it’s interesting.

They are loosely grouped into similar ideas. About a third mentioned commitment, by far the most common response.

Here are the answers to: What is Marriage? « Read the rest of this entry »

5 tips to keep romance alive in marriage

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Everybody gets married expecting their marriage will last forever. Here are 5 tips to help keep your marriage sizzlin’:

1. Go on regular dates

Keep trying to impress your partner, like you did on your first dates, and acknowledge and praise your partner when they do something impressive. Keep courting each other, even when married! It’s important to come up with things to do together, just like you would with other friends. Your marriage partner is hopefully your best friend, so do things that friends do as well as what partners do. You both still need to grow as individuals even when married, so regular dates also give you the necessary opportunities to keep getting to know one another.

2. Keep some things just for you two

Have special codes, in-jokes, and secrets (preferably not about other people), that are unique to you as a couple. You both need to agree on what things are sacred between the two of you and do not share them with anyone else. These intimate pieces of knowledge about each other and shared histories help create a bond and can be triggers for ongoing intimacy. Your intimacy is diluted when shared with others outside of your relationship. Honour your partner: never kiss and tell – do not even tell your mothers, sisters, brothers or best buddies! « Read the rest of this entry »

Best friends

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Best friends go out and plan things to do together.

Best friends do what they know their friend likes doing, just so they can hang out with them while they’re having fun.

Best friends surprise each other just so they can see them smile.

Best friends look after each other when they’re unwell.

Best friends know things about each other that no one else knows, and they keep it that way.

Best friends have code words for things that no one else can understand.

Best friends make each other feel like they can do anything.

Me and my husband are best friends! 🙂

Best place to feel good

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Marriage is the best place to feel good – we’ve got someone who loves us and said they would stay with us no matter what. If that’s just the foundation, wow! It can even get far better than that, with just a little daily reinforcement thrown in.

Each day that you slip in a compliment like, “wow, you’re the best [insert noun] ever”, “thanks for doing the [insert chore]”, “you’re my favourite person in the world” etc, etc, or that you receive such encouragements, notice how your day is so much happier and your marriage keeps getting better and better each day!

It’s been reinforced to me over and over again from many different sources over the past two weeks: the words we speak are so powerful that they create our reality.

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