Engaged couples share what their Ideal Marriage looks like

April 23, 2012 § 2 Comments

Here are the answers to the other question some brides and grooms answered a week ago, at a wedding expo our business No Myth Marriages took part in.

Most found the question “What does an Ideal Marriage Look like?” challenging to answer.

From the boys, “happiness” stood out more strongly than anything else. From the girls, laughter, fun and friendship were the more common themes. The brides were a little more descriptive about what happiness actually meant for them! The all-out favourite answer of the day was from one of the grooms: “Lot’s of sexy time”.


  • Fun
  • 🙂
  • My parents
  • Special moments with special K!
  • Happiness forever
  • Happiness
  • A happy wife with tears in her eye
  • Happy Fun Love 4 Eva
  • Fun and happiness
  • Laughing, fun, trust, happiness
  • Stable, happy, content
  • What she wants is what she gets
  • Partners in love
  • Partnership
  • Til death do us part
  • To share our lives and walk together into the future, supporting each other and living the way God intended
  • Family, children, stability, support
  • Lots of sexy time
  • Love and togetherness
  • Honesty


  • Falling in love every day for the rest of our lives
  • Having a laugh together every day
  • Fun / love / laughter / respect
  • A lot of laughter
  • laugh, talk, kiss & hold hands after 50 years
  • laughter & love
  • Loving the good & bad, & having fun together every day
  • A happy, loving couple who compliment each other
  • Being in love, & working on it. Having fun, being amazing friends. Always being open, & honesty always, & stayin in love
  • Making each other happy & being each other’s best friend
  • Best friends
  • Marrying your best friend & lover
  • An equal & supportive partnership
  • Respect, honesty, commitment, spirituality, religious, children, compromise, family, LOVE
  • SWMBO – she who must be obeyed
  • Respect each other
  • Partnership
  • Friendship
  • Partnership
  • Open communication and lifelong companion
  • love / sex / trust / communication / respect
  • Patience, trust, communication, honesty
  • Commitment
  • Compromise
  • Kindness , love/aroha, communication
  • Compatability, love & flexibility

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