Sweet things or mud fights

January 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

I just downloaded an e-book to give to someone dear to me, who is a number of years into their marriage. I’m reading it first to make sure it’s good, and it really is good! The book is called Lessons for a Happy Marriage by Paul Friedman, and can be downloaded for free by clicking on the link. (Update: I believe the e-book is no longer free, but well worth the small charge.)

Paul describes a joint “space” couples create between them as they develop their relationship.

You want a happy marriage, right? So the book says only fill your relationship space with what you want in your marriage. Open the trash hatch, let all the mud dump out so you don’t need to bring any of it up again, and start filling the space again with how you want your relationship to be: filled with sweet things.

I think this is such a simple and do-able way to explain this. You read this book and feel like you can do all the good advice in it, rather than it just making you feel guilty that you should be doing things but you’re not. Because it’s so simple! Plus, Mr Friedman is confident enough in this advice to claim that if your relationship has taken a nasty turn, following the advice can turn things 180 degrees in less than two weeks. That’s got to be worth reading for anyone, in any significant relationship. Even if things are going smoothly or you’re early on in your relationship, this book teaches you how to make it the best it can be with some very simple points.

Read it quick before it’s no longer free!


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