Get married for better sex

January 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

All that rubbish about sex life going downhill once you get married – if you’re engaged don’t listen to the few with problems who broadcast it loudly. It’s like how the world looks all bad when you just watch the news all the time, though we all know the news specializes in bad news.

The best sex to be had, is sex with your marriage partner, because it just gets better and better as you learn more about how to please one another under the promise of exclusive commitment. Marriage is the most likely place to get quality and quantity!

The key to this though, is being able to talk about it together (just you two, of course). It can be pretty hard for many people as the topic is generally taboo in many social contexts, so we’re not as used to to discussing it as, say, what’s for lunch. But if you want to learn about each others’ preferences, fantasies and turn-offs, you need to practise talking about it. The sooner you get into these discussions with each other, the sooner your sex life can take off!


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