To new beginnings, and happy ever after!

January 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Each new year is like any new beginning, it begins with hope and high expectations. It’s important to hold these high hopes and expectations as a vision for how we want our marriage to be. We just need to know that little troubles happen along the way to strengthen our relationships, not to break them down, as long as we make effort to resolve them.

Happily Ever After doesn’t mean that once you’re married you never have arguments. But having arguments doesn’t mean you’re not able to live happily ever after, either.

Arguments are just one form of communication. We are given the impression from movies and books that you fall in love, get married, and pure bliss just happens after that. So when most of us get engaged, we think that’s how it will play out, and we don’t expect to have to think about learning to communicate.

Have you ever noticed how before you get to the end of the movie or book, there’s always the standard drama, or conflict, which some time before the end gets resolved and the promise of eternal bliss is embedded? Well the hope of ever after for us starts every time we resolve a conflict in our relationships too. Each time we resolve a conflict, the likelihood of happy ever after increases hugely. It’s our skill as a couple to resolve things that determines the potential strength of our marriage.

It’s massively important to start practising this as an engaged couple, because the first years of marriage can be the hardest as you adjust to being a team instead of just ME. So pick some of the harder topics (money, sex, in-laws, chores, to name just a few), resolve any issues and start preparing your happy ever after from today!


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