Avoid an after marriage let-down

December 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

Will you make extra effort with your partner until the knot is tied, but find yourself starting to act “like yourself”, a lazier self, thereafter? Maybe if your perception of the impact of this marriage on your life was different, you might ensure you don’t change your tune to a lesser you. Your impending marriage to the love of your life 1) takes preparation in the manner you mean to go on, 2) requires focus, and 3) is entry into your destiny.

Prior preparation:

The meticulous care in getting ready for a date, the prior planning to surprise and delight your partner, the flirty/doting/attention-giving texts; all are actually promises you are making to your partner about how exciting a mate you will continue to be for them. Your spouse is marrying, according to them, the most good looking, intelligent, fun, and exciting person they have ever met based on this prior experience of you. Once married, we are capable of being even more like this as we continue to grow in wit and good nature. It would be an immense pity to decide to fall short of our glory for the rest of our days, when we could be living as this wonderful, charming and becoming person, continually reinforcing our partner’s great decision to marry us! Let’s not waste our huge potential. A fantastic marriage takes prior preparation in the manner we mean to carry on.


When you are charming, intelligent and self-confident, you inadvertently attract others too. Recognise it as something that happens, not something that you must respond to just because it happens. Focus on the love of your life and lavishing the best of your charm and great positive characteristics on them.


As mentioned before, your husband/wife is the only family member you get to choose for yourself. In joining together in marriage, you are altering both of your paths to lead together in a significant way. This partnership is the forum in which you will bring new souls into the world! Behave as if you are living the life you are destined to live. Make every effort to water and feed this majestical partnership you share. You’ll want it to grow well if you recognise it as your destiny.


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