The A + B = C equation

August 4, 2009 § Leave a comment

So many marriage partners seem to assume when there is more than one answer to something, they have to win their opinion, otherwise they lose.

First of all, if you let the other one win some times, you’re not actually losing. You’re giving them the victory – but don’t tell them that!

Second of all, you’re missing out! Missing out on coming up with an even better idea by putting your heads together. You’re a team, remember? Together you are more than the sum of your individual parts? So try this: both of you put in your criteria or justifications or assumptions for your point of view on the table. You can talk about whether they are valid and concede ones that don’t really matter to you, now that you think about it. You meld it all together and Presto! There’s a solution that neither of you had thought of before when you considered only your own perspective. Usually the solution is a winner. Try it!


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